The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly due to globalization, technological achievements, and changing consumer preferences. Such dynamics require that anyone interested in providing high quality products and services must stay at the forefront of new technologies and move with the times.

Many years of experience in selecting managers and IT candidates for telecommunications companies have allowed GlobalCareer to offer professional solutions in this fast-growing industry. Our customers are mobile network operators, telecom corporations, network technology companies, and hardware infrastructure providers worldwide.

A shift to digital workspaces, including mobile payment platforms and cloud services, has resulted in the need for professionals who are able to keep up with technology development. The GlobalCareer team shares the views expressed by our customers that recruiting qualified staff is one of the most crucial factors for business in maintaining a competitive edge.

With offices in a number of countries around the world, and a network of contacts in leading telecommunications companies, GlobalCareer is an indispensable partner for sourcing management and IT experts for advanced market players. Our broad experience in providing unique solutions is trusted by companies worldwide.

Coverage and Functions

  • Networking equipment
  • Cable services
  • Communications software
  • Cellular and wireless services
  • Wireless equipment & devices
  • Internet and online services