Legal Tech

Legal Tech is an actively developing industry where technology-based solutions increase the efficiency of lawyers or takeover legal consulting services altogether.

As digitalization encompasses various industries, the legal sector and the legal services industry aren’t an exception.

The application of new technologies allows for new services such as automated legal consulting through the use of artificial intelligence, or blockchain-based contract management, as well as ways to increase efficiency through e-billing and document management systems. Nonetheless, despite these innovations the most valuable experts for companies in the industry are lawyers, software consultants and project managers in Legal and IT.

For ten years, GlobalCareer has successfully hired managers and specialists focused on IT-based process improvement, big data, cyber security, machine learning and blockchain. Furthermore, we consult on hiring for senior corporate functions in legal, finance, HR and sales & marketing.

Being active players in both the IT industry and legal sectors, we are able to cover the legal technology sector “from both sides,” understanding both the most current cutting-edge technologies and a company’s needs. In Germany, we serve large multinational law firms, the “Big Four,” as well as LPOs and software providers.

How can GlobalCareer support clients in Legal Tech?

We have experience in hiring top managers and in-demand specialists worldwide.

Coverage and Functions

  • IT Services & Consulting
  • Digital solutions
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Legal Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Product Management
  • Process Improvement