The Automotive industry is rapidly changing as a result of new technologies and growing customer expectations. Consequently, the demand for managers and IT experts with extensive knowledge about technology and changing industry standards with a flexible mindset is growing as well.

GlobalCareer uses multiple tools to search for specialists with experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material engineering and production engineering.

Our clients have confirmed many times over that the candidates we select are highly qualified in software development and are able to help their employers quickly adapt to changes in the industry. Our GlobalCareer consultants have broad knowledge and extensive experience in the Automotive industry, which helps them to thoroughly evaluate candidates who can take our clients’ businesses to the next level.


  • IT Services to the Automotive Industry
  • Automotive Embedded Software
  • Diagnostics and Functional Safety
  • Telematics & Connected Mobility
  • Autonomous Driving & ADAS
  • Navigation & HMI
  • Digital Cockpit
  • Transportation & Logistics Services