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The Executive Search Practice at GlobalCareer focuses on Senior Executive and Board level positions, with a particular emphasis on CEO search engagements.

It all starts at the top. Senior management are a strong strategic asset with a fundamental impact on business performance. In today's highly competitive environment there is no room for error in management selection. But do your in-house leaders have the right expertise, time and capacity required for identifying and searching for the best talent in the marketplace?

Being one of the leading recruitment companies, GlobalCareer strongly believes that management selection should be conducted by an experienced agency with profound and extensive knowledge of all industry sectors. Also GlobalCareer has the experience of resolving the issues associated with a particular search and the candidates capable of filling the most challenging executive positions within the client's organization.

GlobalCareer provides a wide range of tailor-made management selection services including market analysis and benchmarking. Furthermore, our search and selection of candidates ensure they not only have the required experience, skills and expertise but also are perfectly matched to your business environment and corporate culture.

We boast a tailored team of dedicated consultants with specific industry expertise who have an in-depth understanding of both the market and strategic management selection issues faced by clients within their industry, area or geography. Following extensive negotiations with the client we develop a thorough understanding of the client's organization, business goals and objectives and corporate culture as well as their needs and specifications, as these aspects are vital to successful long-term performance. Each management selection assignment is based on the specific requirements of the client. We at GlobalCareer rely on our knowledge, experience, efficient in-house tools and networks to identify and search for the best talent available in the marketplace on a global scale. GlobalCareer maintains a unique candidate database that enables us to identify and contact targeted individuals in a timely and efficient manner. We also apply proven proprietary practices and methodologies to find managers with excellent performance records and skills that perfectly align with the client's specifications.

We are happy to provide comprehensive management selection services to our clients helping them to save time, money and resources. We have an excellent track record of success and proven expertise in delivering strategic management selection solutions.

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Executive Assessment

The appraised GlobalCareer model provides companies with the tools for the in-depth assessment of candidates in order to minimize the risks in the selection process of leadership positions. Companies are also able to carry out comparative analysis of several applicants for one vacancy in order to identify potentially the most successful candidate.

We offer the use of a specialized tool - Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). This test was developed by Thomas and is used by more than 32,000 companies worldwide. PPA helps to determine the preferred style of behavior in the workplace, allowing you to make better decisions in the selection of personnel. It can also assist in the allocation of funds for training and development, can help maintain a high level of employee loyalty and avoid high employee turnover.

You'll receive recommendations on which management methods work for an employee and how to motivate them.

The Thomas assessments are simple to understand and use, and are offered in 56 languages. The tests are highly reliable and the results are extremely accurate.

The company's specialists are fully qualified to work with the Thomas system. Included are all the standard tools for assessing a personal profile and the following additional functions and reports:

  • Personal profile analysis
  • 360 degree feedback survey
  • Skills.