Executive Search at GlobalCareer


Executive Search is one of many services we provide to clients in IT and technology industries.
In the last five years of operation we have closed more than one hundred positions on CxO, VP, MD, and D tiers. Our candidates received job offers from Germany, the United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Korea and other countries.

We mostly work with positions arising due to business growth and transformation. We can see the growing trend: employers are increasingly inclined to look for candidates with deep industry expertise.

Vereshchagin Vladimir, Managing Partner of GlobalCareer

Vladimir Vereshchagin, Managing Partner of GlobalCareer, said: "When buying the Executive Search service, a client buys two things: the ability to assess candidates in the right way, and market knowledge. We maintain relations with representatives of business communities for years and decades. That’s why when looking for top-tier managers, we operate in a very familiar pane. We know the market, the number of available candidates and their motivation."

Naturally, there are restrictions in every project. For example, the market might not be familiar with an employer’s brand, especially when products are launched in new markets. However, this is when consultants’ negotiation skills and industry expertise are crucial.

Another important aspect we consider is how much a particular business goal and mission inspire a candidate. Top-tier candidates can be motivated by project locale, business scalability and responsibility level. Employers, on the other hand, look for quality consulting from the partner, and support in negotiations.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to later ask us to recruit a whole team. This certifies that we can build and maintain relations within the market. If you have a recruitment requirement, we would be happy to discuss the cooperation opportunity with you.